About Us

Having worked for the two top companies who deliver these types of workshops in the UK, we know how much of the high fees they charge to schools go towards paying marketing people to phone schools up and promote themselves on social media to try and win custom from each other.

We don’t feel this is a good use of already stretched school budgets!

So we are deliberately a small partnership with very low overheads and no marketing; all our business is either repeat or by referral. This means we can keep our fees less than two-thirds of the cost of the main two other companies, and focus instead on doing the important work with students.

Nick Osborne

Nick is one of the few trainers who has worked for the two top providers in this field: MADE Training and Positively MAD. Since 2009 Nick has worked with thousands of students and is well known for his dynamic, engaging and enthusiastic delivery style and professionalism. Now he is complementing his expertise in inspiring students learning to learn with mindfulness to also support their well-being. Nick leads the work of Learning Edge and works with associated partners where necessary.