We are inspired educators
delivering transformational learning

On the Learning Edge we deliver dynamic, fun, motivational and effective workshops which equip students to be resourceful, independent, life-long learners and which support their well-being. We take students beyond the complacency of their comfort zones, but not as far out as the panic or boredom zones. We keep them in between; on the learning edge. Workshops are supported by quality resources and use a range of engagement techniques to meet a diversity of learning needs for Key Stages 3-5.

More About Us

Our Workshops are:


Presentations, questions, music, films and diverse range of learning activities


Interactive with games, prizes, student participation so the learning is enjoyable


Tapping into student’s intrinsic motivations, drawing on their own experiences


Consistently high feedback from students and repeat bookings from schools

We Deliver Workshops for:

Enhanced Learning

A range of study skills & tools for effective & enjoyable learning.
Revision tips & techniques, six memory tools & key exam skills.
Practising memory tools on actual information needed for exams.



Looks at all the demands placed on today’s teenagers and shows them how to find balance, look after themselves, become resilient and take control of their future.
Setting goals for the future and pathways for how to achieve them.

Student Feedback

  • ‘Broke my scale, took it to another level and broke that one too’
  • ‘Best time of my year so far, it made 2013!’
  • ‘Never will forget, 10 out of 10!’
  • ‘Was very energetic!’
  • ‘Can you come to my exam please?’

Staff Feedback

  • ‘Hugely powerful!’
  • ‘Brilliant! You could tell the students were captured by the content and delivery’
  • ‘Lots of good ideas. Great interactive practical activities with students doing, not just sitting’
  • ‘Very helpful delivery style, very engaging with frequent changes of pace and activity’.